Leading recruitment agency for construction jobs 

Are you looking for a job? ICM BAU’s job portal advertises construction jobs throughout Switzerland. We have strong contacts to all important construction companies. We know the industry as well as the current challenges. vOur advisors know from their own experience what they are talking about – in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Persian or Serbo-Croatian.

All-round advice

ICM BAU does not simply advertise jobs. We advise and support you from A to Z. We help you with your application, prepare you for the interview, support you in obtaining permits and assist you in negotiating the employment agreement. 
If necessary, we will provide you with work and safety equipment and help you find accommodation. Learn more (link to ‘The application process’ below)

Our expertise

The construction expertise and multilingual communication skills of our recruitment consultants are the foundation for successful job placements. Together with the all-round consultancy service we offer, this makes us the number 1 recruitment agency for the construction industry in Switzerland. 

We help construction professionals find a job and construction companies fill their staffing needs. 
ICM BAU is in the middle – ensuring that the two sides find each other.

The application process

This is how the application process for an advertised position works

Our specialists advise you free of charge throughout the entire application process for temporary and permanent jobs. They help you with everything from creating the dossier to preparing for the interview and negotiating the job conditions. 
And they do all this in Albanian, German, English, French, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian or Spanish.

Targeted or unsolicited application  

Are you interested in a position advertised on the job portal? Or do you have a specific idea of a job or company and would like to submit an unsolicited application? 

First, compile the usual application documents (brief curriculum vitae, letter of application and references) and send them to us.   

Review of the documents

Our personnel consultants will look through your documents and check them for completeness and correctness. They also assess the overall impression of your application dossier and the chances of success. 

Preparatory meeting and interview  

We invite you to an interview at our office to get to know you better. At the same time, we will optimise your application dossier together, discuss any professional change processes and prepare you for the interview with your future employer. Our specialists have practical experience. Not only do they understand your concerns. They also speak your language. We advise you in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Persian or Serbo-Croatian and answer all your questions about the job advertisement and the application process.  

Negotiation with the employer

In the end, we propose you as a candidate to suitable employers. After we find the perfect match, we will support you in all further administrative and labour law matters. We can also advise you on salary and working conditions during negotiations.